Lead your team to success with heart.

The guide for leaders who want to optimize team performance by putting well-being at the heart of their leadership approach.

Leaders shape their employees' well-being through...

  • The nature of the relationships they build with people including generating trust, psychological safety, being a resource for others and providing support
  • Forming a collective identity that team members integrate as part of their own self-identity
  • Shaping the work environment so it cultivates motivation through job design, behavioural regulation and need fulfillment
  • Shaping the social environment – social context can have a big impact on self-efficacy
  • Framing people’s experiences which help them construct meaning
  • Their own emotions which impact those around them sub-consciously as well as overtly
  • Structuring events that trigger emotional reactions in others such as how they communicate or convey an inspiring vision
  • The leadership style they adopt

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